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Four Ways to Maintain and Protect Your Pool Deck

Four Ways to Maintain and Protect Your Pool Deck - Image 1


Warm weather is on its way, meaning it's almost pool season! If you've ever owned an in-ground swimming pool, you know the importance of maintenance. Along with the joy of relaxation and entertainment also comes the added responsibility of water treatment, pump maintenance, and cleaning. Luckily, there are several ways to keep up with the day-to-day, but what about bigger long-term maintenance? One of the biggest factors contributing to the appearance and safety of your pool is the surrounding pool deck. 


Preserving your pool deck is important for many of the same reasons as it is to maintain your driveway, sidewalks, patio, and other concrete surfaces: lifespan, curb appeal, and safety. In fact, it can be argued that the potential for injury on a pool deck is higher than other cement surfaces around your home, so the safety benefits alone are worth your attention and maintenance. Keep reading to learn four ways to maintain your concrete pool deck that can help extend its lifespan, increase curb appeal, and most importantly ensure safety for your family and guests. 


1) Pressure Wash Your Pool Deck

One obvious yet important way to help your cement last longer is to keep it clean. With debris from trees, dirt, mud, and other elements, a dirty pool deck is inevitable. Additionally, the damp environment can lead to algae and mold growth which is not only unsightly but can create a slippery, dangerous surface.


Pressure washing is the easiest and most effective way to remove dirt and algae growth, and it's relatively easy to do. You can purchase or rent a pressure washer and concrete cleaner and finish the process in a matter of hours or hiring a professional is another viable option. 


2) Use a Sealant to Protect Your Concrete

Using a sealant is beneficial for any concrete surface, but is especially important for pool deck surfaces because of the increased exposure to water and other elements. Unprotected concrete stains easily and is prone to surface damage and physical deterioration. 


Nature can cause stains from moss, mold, algae, leaves, or simply a buildup of deeply seated dirt. Then there are the typical man-made stains that can occur from contaminants like oil and fertilizer. Regardless of the cause of the stain, these ugly spots can drastically affect how concrete looks and the overall appearance of the space. 


Surface pitting and physical deterioration, or spalling, is another common problem where one or many areas of the concrete surface are peeling or flaking away. Spalling is created, and accelerated, with the freeze/thaw cycle. Moisture is absorbed into the concrete and, as temperatures drop, freezes and expands, breaking the walls of the concrete surface pores. Once that damage occurs, the surface area exposed to future damage increases, meaning the effects of the freeze/thaw cycle worsen each year. 


Using a concrete sealant goes hand-in-hand with pressure washing, and should be part of your annual maintenance regimen. Not only will you instantly improve the beauty of your pool deck, but you'll also help protect and extend the lifespan of your concrete by controlling water seepage and preventing damage. 

3) Repair Small Cracks 

While the use of sealant will help reduce spalling, cracks, and other damage, small cracks are bound to appear at some point as time and nature take their toll on your pool deck. The same is true for driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces, Cracks can arise for many reasons, and even small ones can leave your concrete vulnerable to more damage. Not to mention a tripping hazard. When water seeps in through a crack, it can cause the soil to shift beneath the concrete. This shift can lead the concrete to settle or sink and can even compromise the integrity of your pool. 


The good news is that sealing small cracks can usually be done on your own without the need to call in a professional contractor. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that repairing cracks early makes a big difference, and will help your concrete last longer. If you aren't the DIY type, Woodford Bros. can use the NexusPro system, a silicone-based caulking product.  Once the system has set, the crack no longer allows moisture from rain or snow to seep below the concrete slab. It's also resistant to UV rays, which helps to avoid drying and cracking which is common with other caulking products. 


4) Lift and Level Any Sinking Concrete

With careful attention to cleaning, sealing, and regular upkeep on your concrete pool deck, you will already be in a good position to prevent any future damage. However, over time concrete will inevitably shift or settle as the soil beneath shifts. Even 2- or 3-inches can cause a significant tripping hazard and can lead to a dangerous situation if not addressed.


There are several ways to repair a trip hazard around an in-ground pool, in fact, our PolyLevel system can lift and level the concrete in a matter of hours, cures in 15 minutes, and is less destructive and more durable than mud jacking or sand jacking. 


Learn more and see for yourself how PolyLevel works, or contact us for a free inspection and estimate for concrete repair.  


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