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NexusPro Crack Repair in Island Park

NexusPro Crack Repair in Island Park

Before After
NexusPro Crack Repair in Island Park NexusPro Crack Repair in Island Park

After purchasing a home in Island Park, NY, Michelle noticed her back patio concrete was riddled with cracks, raising concerns about water seeping into the foundation. After spotting a "Long Island Concrete Repair" billboard by Woodford Bros., Inc., she turned to us for help. Michelle quickly filled out our website's contact form, securing a free estimate appointment.


During the appointment, Design Specialist Fred introduced our concrete repair and protection system, emphasizing the benefits of our two-step PolyLevel and NexusPro process. Unlike standard polyurethane sealants, NexusPro is UV-resistant, ensuring it won't crack, bubble, or dry out no matter the weather conditions.


Michelle agreed this was the optimal fix for her patio concrete and was thrilled with the project's completion. If you're dealing with cracked or sunken concrete, reach out to the Woodford Brothers at for expert repairs.


NexusPro Concrete Crack Repair in North Bellmore, NY

NexusPro Concrete Crack Repair in North Bellmore, NY

Before After
NexusPro Concrete Crack Repair in North Bellmore, NY NexusPro Concrete Crack Repair in North Bellmore, NY

This project was done for Bruce of North Bellmore, NY, a homeowner on a mission to proactively protect his property. Concerned about his cracked concrete driveway, he turned to the internet, searching for "Long Island Concrete Repair". That's when he discovered Woodford Bros., Inc.

After a few clicks on our website, Bruce was set up with a free consultation to discuss his concrete repair needs. He understood the importance of addressing the issue promptly to safeguard his home. Our team introduced Bruce to our advanced NexusPro technology, a proven solution for concrete repair. Bruce recognized the value in our proactive approach to protecting his property and was eager to proceed. In no time, our experts worked their magic, transforming Bruce's deteriorating driveway into a sturdy and attractive surface. If you're seeking concrete repair solutions like Bruce, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your property's transformation could be just a click or call away!

Patio Concrete Repair in Lynbrook, NY

Patio Concrete Repair in Lynbrook, NY

Before After
Patio Concrete Repair in Lynbrook, NY Patio Concrete Repair in Lynbrook, NY

A backyard concrete patio can be a haven for home owners. This patio in Lynbrook, NY was put in 50 years ago and it has been cracking and sinking. When home owners have problems like this they often think it needs to be totally replaced which is very costly and disruptive. there is also no way to ensure you will face the same problems again in the long run. this home owner found us on the internet after a Google search for concrete repair. He called our office and our Customer Care team scheduled his free estimate. Our Design Specialist, Fred, provided a same day proposal after a thorough inspection of the patio to determine the exact cost. Our expert Installation team led by David arrived on the scheduled installation date and made quick and clean work of installing our specially engineered PolyLevel beneath the slab to fill all the voids and lift the patio back to level. They then filled all cracks and control joints with NexusPro, our special concrete joint sealer that will prevent water from getting below the slab. Now the home owner has peace of mind knowing that his patio is repaired and protected. He also has improved quality of life now that he can get more use from his beautiful backyard patio. 

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Concrete leveling, cracked concrete repair, & more in Nassau County

Did you know that your cracked, sinking driveway, walkway, and steps are doing more than lowering your property value and curb appeal? These damaged slabs are also a tripping hazard, making them a liability issue. Luckily, Woodford Bros., Inc. is Nassau County, NY’s reliable provider of concrete leveling and repair services.

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There is no one better equipped than Woodford Bros., Inc. to complete your concrete repair in Nassau County, NY. Contact us today at 1-877-596-4809 or complete the provided form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate!

Industry-leading concrete repair solutions by Woodford Bros., Inc.

Other companies offer the same old, disruptive, and costly concrete repair methods that come standard from most contractors. That is why Woodford Bros., Inc. offers exclusive concrete sealing, concrete leveling, and cracked concrete repair systems, proven to provide mess-free, stress-free, and long-lasting results.

  • PolyLevel® concrete leveling: We promise a fast-acting and non-invasive concrete leveling solution guaranteed to provide long-lasting results. PolyLevel® installation doesn’t leave a mess and is incredibly durable. Plus, it’s adaptable for loads of all sizes, including driveways, warehouse floors, steps, sideways, railroads, and more!
  • NexusPro® cracked concrete repair: Our NexusPro® concrete crack repair solution allows you to repair damaged slabs all year round. It is resistant to UV rays, extreme temperatures, drying, cracking, and bubbling. This fast-acting system cures quickly, restoring slabs and making them ready to use in under an hour!
  • SealantPro™ concrete sealing: After repairing and leveling your concrete, why not extend its life by 3 to 5 times overall? SealantPro™ concrete sealing offers a permanent bond in just one quick application, providing lasting protection against slab discoloration, UV rays, water damage, and more. Apply SealantPro™ on new or existing concrete and save even more money, knowing it never has to be reapplied!

Contact Woodford Bros., Inc. to schedule a free estimate on any of our concrete repair solutions. We proudly serve Nassau County, NY and areas nearby.

Job Stories From Nassau County, NY
Uneven Sidewalk Leveled with PolyLevel in Rockville Centre, NY

This home owner is Rockville Centre, New York had a sidewalk in front of the home that was settled and created a trip hazard. The previous assumption was that the only way to remedy this type of problem would be to remove and replace the sidewalk, which is expensive and disruptive. After seeing a video about PolyLevel on Facebook, he decided to schedule a free estimate with Woodford Brothers to find out if PolyLevel was the answer he had been looking for. On the day of the appointment, Dave came to measure the concrete around the home and he promptly explained the best course of action to fix the problem for good along with the exact price to do so. The day of the installation came and the home owner was delighted by how efficient and professional the crew was. The job was done quickly and cleanly. Now the sidewalk is level and peace of mind is restored.

Uneven Sidewalk Leveled with PolyLevel in Rockville Centre, NY - Photo 1
Cracked Concrete Patio Repaired in Bellmore, NY

The patio on this house in Bellmore, NY was quite cracked and was settling in many places. There was also a sidewalk with the same issue. This home owner found Woodford Brothers on the internet and learned about how PolyLevel works and what it could do for his seemingly impossible to fix problem. One of our expert Design Specialists provided a free estimate with an exact price for the repairs following a thorough inspection. Once the work was agreed upon, the installation date was set. The home owner was very satisfied with the results of the work done by our experienced crew. Knowing the job would prove difficult, he was impressed by the ease that our crew was able to get the job done. 

Cracked Concrete Patio Repaired in Bellmore, NY - Photo 1
Garden City Concrete Lift Level and Repair with PolyLevel & NexusPro

Lenny and Larysa of Garden City, NY, noticed that the concrete slabs of their home's walkway were starting to lift. This raised concerns due to the potential safety hazards it posed for their children. At this time, they came across a Woodford Bros., Inc. Facebook post that highlighted our ability to address their concrete leveling and repair needs.


Shortly after visiting our website and submitting their information, Lenny and Larysa received a call from our team to arrange a consultation.


After careful consideration, the couple determined that the most suitable solution for their home's walkway was to have our team of experts install our PolyLevel & NexusPro joint sealant solutions. Utilizing PolyLevel® for concrete lifting represents a practical and cost-effective approach to sidewalk repair. Furthermore, this method minimizes both time and expenses, while also causing less disruption to the landscaping.


Lenny and Larysa can now bid farewell to worries about tripping hazards around their home. Thanks to Woodford Bros., Inc. Concrete Leveling and Repair, they can enjoy peace of mind regarding their children's safety.

Garden City Concrete Lift Level and Repair with PolyLevel & NexusPro - Photo 1Garden City Concrete Lift Level and Repair with PolyLevel & NexusPro - Photo 2
Concrete Lift and Level with PolyLevel/ NexusPro in Point Lookout, NY.

Eddie, a Point Lookout, NY, resident of over 20 years, recently faced a pressing issue with his home. A few years back, he began noticing cracks and settling in the concrete slabs of his backyard patio. This problem was progressively worsening, raising safety concerns as Eddie frequently spent time on his patio and wanted to avoid any potential tripping hazards. Additionally, he was worried about the concrete slab's pressure on his septic tank. In his quest for a solution, Eddie turned to Google, searching for "concrete repair on Long Island," and discovered Woodford Bros., Inc. offering free estimates. He provided his information through our website, and our Customer Care Team promptly reached out to schedule his estimate. During the appointment, our design specialist, Chris, explained the advantages of our PolyLevel/NexusPro solutions and how they could effectively address Eddie's patio concrete issues. PolyLevel® represents a modern alternative to conventional mud jacking, designed to lift concrete slabs to a level position while delivering lasting stabilization. Thanks to Woodford Bros., Inc. and our cutting-edge technologies, Eddie has regained peace of mind and can now fully enjoy his patio without any concerns for his safety.

Concrete Lift and Level with PolyLevel/ NexusPro in Point Lookout, NY. - Photo 1
PolyLevel/ NexusPro Concrete Repair Freeport, NY

Martine, a resident of Freeport, NY, had been dealing with the frustration of an unsightly and potentially hazardous concrete driveway. Cracks and lifting had become a recurring issue, leading to concerns about tripping hazards. While browsing Facebook, Martine came across an ad for "Woodford Bros., Inc. concrete repair" that caught her attention. Eager to find a solution, she promptly visited the company's website. She was pleased to find that Woodford Bros. Inc. offered FREE estimates, so she filled out her contact info and quickly received a call from the Customer Care team to set up an initial appointment. During the appointment, our Design Specialist Fred provided her with a comprehensive explanation of our advanced PolyLevel and NexusPro technologies. PolyLevel could effectively lift and level sunken sidewalks, while NexusPro was a silicone-based sealant specially designed to provide long-lasting flexibility and resilience against harsh weather conditions. Martine's decision to choose Woodford Bros. Inc. paid off. The company's expert team successfully addressed the concrete issues plaguing her driveway, restoring it to its former glory. Martine no longer had to worry about tripping hazards and thanks to Woodford Bros., Inc., Martine regained peace of mind about the condition and safety of her concrete driveway in Freeport, NY.

PolyLevel/ NexusPro Concrete Repair Freeport, NY - Photo 1
Concrete Repair in Oceanside, NY.

Carmine, a resident of Oceanside, NY, was faced with a concerning problem in his backyard when he noticed the concrete surrounding his beloved pool had started to settle in multiple places. This created uneven surfaces and a tripping hazard for both himself and his dogs. Determined to resolve this issue, Carmine did an online search for concrete repair options on Long Island. During his search, Carmine found the Woodford Bros., Inc. website, where he discovered free estimates for concrete repair. Eager to find a reliable fix, he promptly submitted his information on the website. Soon after, our responsive Customer Care team reached out to Carmine to set up an initial appointment. At the appointment, our Design Specialist took the time to carefully describe the recommended solution: Woodford Bros Inc.'s 2-Step PolyLevel and NexusPro concrete repair. PolyLevel® is an innovative expanding polyurethane foam that gets injected beneath the concrete to fill gaps caused by soil erosion, effectively raising and stabilizing the concrete surface. Carmine decided to move forward with the suggested solution, and the Woodford Bros., Inc. team got to work. Thanks to Woodford Bros. Inc., Carmine's poolside concrete has undergone a significant transformation. It's now level, safe, and free from tripping hazards, giving Carmine and his dogs the peace of mind they deserve. 


Concrete Repair in Oceanside, NY. - Photo 1Concrete Repair in Oceanside, NY. - Photo 2Concrete Repair in Oceanside, NY. - Photo 3
PolyLevel/ NexusPro Concrete Repair Levittown, NY

Stacie of Levittown, NY, has called her home for over three decades, a place filled with cherished memories. However, lately, she noticed a concerning issue in her own backyard: cracks and unsettling settlement in her concrete patio, creating a troublesome tripping hazard. Determined to address this concern and restore peace of mind about the safety of her home, Stacie began looking for a concrete repair solution. She turned to the internet, performing a Google search for "concrete repair near me." This is when she stumbled upon Woodford Bros., Inc., a name associated with reliable concrete repair solutions. Stacie filled out her information on our website, seeking a remedy for her concrete patio predicament. Our Customer Care team sprang into action, swiftly arranging a free estimate to assess the situation.


During the appointment, our skilled Design Specialist carefully examined the concrete patio, taking note of the cracks and settlement issues. Stacie was eager to find a lasting solution, and our Design Specialist recommended a duo of our top-notch concrete repair solutions: PolyLevel® and NexusPro.

PolyLevel® is an innovative solution that involves the injection of expanding polyurethane foam beneath the concrete surface. This foam effectively fills the gaps caused by soil erosion, raising and stabilizing the concrete. In doing so, it eliminates tripping hazards and restores the safety of the concrete surface. The NexusPro solution, on the other hand, is meticulously installed by our highly trained crew of concrete repair and protection specialists. The process begins by drilling, smoothing, and preparing the cracks and control joints. A non-absorbent backer rod filler is placed to prepare the cracks for sealing. Then, the NexusPro sealant is skillfully applied, ensuring a strong, durable bond. To complete the process, the cracks are detailed with a thin layer of native sand, resulting in a uniform, finished appearance. Additionally, sealed concrete cracks mean no unsightly weeds growing through, preserving the patio's aesthetics and safety.


If you're facing a similar issue with your homes concrete, visit our website to get set up with a free quote today!

PolyLevel/ NexusPro Concrete Repair Levittown, NY - Photo 1PolyLevel/ NexusPro Concrete Repair Levittown, NY - Photo 2
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